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06/02/2017: China
Chinese intangible cultural heritage debuts in Helsinki
A group of Chinese artists have just completed their mission in Helsinki, giving performance to some 50 thousand visitors, most of whom were local Finns, as a celebration of the Chinese New Year.

06/02/2017: China
China punishes damage of cultural heritages, revolutionary site
Chinese government has punished the acts of damaging important cultural heritages or revolutionary site in three cases.

06/02/2017: China
Czech Republic holds Chinese Spring Festival celebration
Prague Municipal House became on Friday a great venue for celebration of the Chinese New Year of Rooster.

06/02/2017: China
Chinese culture ignites Estonian youth's 'Chinese Dream'
For 15-year-old Estonian Edith Merila, visiting China someday is her "Chinese Dream" as she likes Chinese culture, especially the dragon dance she performed with boys at a Chinese New Year party on Friday.

06/02/2017: China
Hollywood stars welcome Chinese New Year
At a red carpet roll-out event here Friday for the upcoming 23rd Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony, Hollywood stars expressed their excitement over the Chinese Year of the Rooster.

06/02/2017: China
Top Chinese films to look forward to in 2017
Hundreds of new Chinese films and filmmakers are already gearing up for a new year. previews 20 Chinese films that can be looked forward to in 2017. By Zhang Rui

06/02/2017: China
Celebration of Chinese New Year abroad highlights China's growing soft power
The far-flung celebrations of the Chinese Lunar New Year around the world offer people beyond the country an opportunity to feel the charm of China's traditions and culture, and also testify to its increasing soft power.

06/02/2017: China
Beijing Symphony to tour North America
The Beijing Symphony Orchestra will tour North America in February to present Spring Festival concerts.

06/02/2017: China
Photo shoot blends art and style
Coming into Fashion is running at Beijing's Ullens Center of Contemporary Art after touring 12 cities worldwide since 2012.

06/02/2017: China
Troupe to herald Lunar New Year with Peking Opera
On Saturday, when the first day of the Chinese New Year is celebrated, Jingju Theater Company of Beijing will present a show at the concert hall of the Forbidden City.

06/02/2017: China
China issues guidelines to preserve traditional culture
The central government has issued guidelines on preserving and developing excellent traditional culture, eyeing a "marked boost" in the international influence of Chinese culture by 2025.

06/02/2017: China
Director screams as 'La La Land' gets most Oscar noms
Director Damien Chazelle said he screamed in Beijing on Tuesday after he heard his critically applauded film "La La Land" got 14 Oscar nominations, the most ever in history. By Zhang Rui

06/02/2017: China
'La La Land' ties record wining 14 Oscar nominations
The musical film "La La Land" received 14 nominations for the 89th Academy Awards on Tuesday, tying record by "All About Eve" in 1951 and "Titanic" in 1998.

06/02/2017: China
Wanda acquires largest cinema chain in Nordic Europe
China's Dalian Wanda Group continues its buying spree, announcing that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the largest cinema operator in Nordic Europe, Stockholm-based Nordic Cinema Group Holding AB. By Zhang Rui

06/02/2017: China
6th Chinese title of fantasy series due in 2018

06/02/2017: China
Chinese New Year Temple Fair organized in Kathmandu
The celebration of Chinese New Year takes place in several parts of the world and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and China Cultural Centre in Nepal have organized festival events in Kathmandu for three days. By Melsam Ojha

06/02/2017: China
Beverly Hills celebrates Chinese New Year with 'Happy Spring Festival, Charming Beijing' show

06/02/2017: China
Chan plans to keep up stunts despite age
He may be 62, but Chinese kung fu legend Jackie Chan has no plans to stop performing death-defying stunts anytime soon.

06/02/2017: China
Comedian Zhou Libo denies drug charge
Chinese comedian Zhou Libo spoke out for the first time after his arrest by US police and said he is not interested in drugs. By Zhang Rui

06/02/2017: China
'Demons Strike Back' strikes silver-screen gold
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back tops the Spring Festival holiday's presale box-office charts.