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06/02/2017: China
Lessons for business in the Year of the Rooster
Dr Eugene Clark, dean of the Sydney City School of Law, gives some useful advice on how to be successful in the Year of the Rooster.

06/02/2017: China
Top-level international talent recruitment remains challenging
Although recent policy changes will facilitate recruitment of senior foreign experts, long-term efforts are needed to make China their international destination of choice.

06/02/2017: China
Just how volatile is Asia really?
Statements of Trump's aggression towards China are likely exaggerated.

06/02/2017: China
Heilongjiang on the road to transformation
Northeast China, including Heilongjiang Province, used to be known as China's industrial "rust belt." A new direction requires new thinking.

06/02/2017: China
What does Trump's Asia policy amount to?
The Trump administration must proceed cautiously with its Asia-Pacific policy if it hopes to avoid serious misunderstandings.

06/02/2017: China
Shanghai on the rise as next fashion capital
The characteristics of Haipai culture include innovation, inclusiveness and commercialism.

06/02/2017: China
Resurfaced dispute
Scars from Japan's wartime atrocities are far from healed.

06/02/2017: China
Donald Trump's first days
As Donald Trump's term as president begins, it's important to consider what his policies might look like.

06/02/2017: China
Brexit and economy loom over Sino-UK relations
With the Brexit vote and the increased downward economic pressure affecting the U.K. and China, respectively, how will relations between the two countries adapt in the coming years?

06/02/2017: China
No easy peace
The end of the battle for Aleppo does not resolve the Syrian issue.

06/02/2017: China
Family still the beating heart of Spring Festival
The most important part of Spring Festival is still the family, that's something that hasn't changed.

06/02/2017: China
Urbanization requires market-based planning
With many rural migrants in cities going back to their home villages for Spring Festival, the holiday is an opportunity for many empty-nested villages to come alive again.

06/02/2017: China
May's Brexit takes shape
A hostile Brexit was always likely in a EU dominated by Germany.

06/02/2017: ABI
Aduana pide esperar resultados para evaluar restitución de aranceles a electrodomésticos
La Paz, 6 feb (ABI).- La presidenta de la Aduana Nacional, Marlene Ardaya, pidió el lunes esperar los resultados de la restitución en un 5% de las alícuotas del Gravamen Arancelario para la importación de artefactos electrodomésticos y equipos de computación, antes de sacar evaluaciones contra esa iniciativa.

06/02/2017: ABI
Declararán en rebeldía a ex funcionaria de Aasana y dueño de la empresa LaMía
Cochabamba, 6 feb (ABI).- El fiscal general del Estado, Ramiro Guerrero, informó el lunes que la exfuncionaria de la Administración de Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares de la Navegación Aérea (Aasana) de Bolivia, Celia Castedo, y el empresario Marco Rocha serán declarados en rebeldía por el Caso LaMía, en una audiencia judicial prevista para el 17 de febrero.

06/02/2017: ABI
Comisión Técnica presentará el miércoles cronograma del Pacto Fiscal en La Paz (Siles)
La Paz, 6 feb (ABI).- La Comisión Técnica formada por los tres niveles de Gobierno, presentará el miércoles, en la ciudad de La Paz, el cronograma de socialización del Pacto Fiscal, informó el lunes el viceministro de Autonomías, Hugo Siles.

06/02/2017: China
Tourists feed black-headed gulls in SW China's Yunnan

06/02/2017: China
258.1 mln trips made in China during 1st four days of Lunar New Year holiday

06/02/2017: China
Cole flowers begin to blossom in SE China's Fujian

06/02/2017: China
China regulator urges safety checks at tourist sites
A Chinese regulator has urged local tourism authorities and travel agencies to step up safety checks at major tourist spots after a boat accident in waters off the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah.