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06/02/2017: China
Japan decides to release Chinese activists
The Japanese cabinet has decided to release the 14 Chinese activists that are illegally detained for their landing on the Diaoyu island on Wednesday.

06/02/2017: China
Diaoyu activists in good health, to be released
The Japan Coast Guard says they will not charge the 14 Chinese detained after landing on the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

06/02/2017: China
MOC warns industrial giants over price war
China's Ministry of Commerce has warned two of China's biggest consumer retailers over their price war.

06/02/2017: China
China raises typhoon Kai-Tak alert
China's flood control authority raised its levels of emergency response, as typhoon Kai-Tak approaches the country.

06/02/2017: China
Ecuador grants asylum to Assange
Ecuador says it is granting asylum to WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange, who has sought refuge in the country's embassy in London.

06/02/2017: China
Robin Van Persie sold to Manchester United
After weeks of speculation Manchester United finally has their man. Arsenal have agreed to sell their captain Robin van Persie to the Red Devils.

06/02/2017: China
Phone hacking scandal accused go to court in London
Seven people accused in connection with a phone hacking scandal have appeared before Westminster Magistrates' court in London.

06/02/2017: China
US wildfires spread in California
Hundreds of fire-fighters are continuing to battle wildfires that are burning out of control in the Western United States.

06/02/2017: China
Chinese FM meets Assad's special envoy
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has met with the Syrian president's special envoy, Bouthaina Shaaban, in Beijing.

06/02/2017: China
Chinese appliance retailers in price war
A price war between two of China?s biggest consumer retailers is intensifying after Suning Appliance and e-commerce website began offering massive discounts online.

06/02/2017: China
Argentina to face S. Africa in expanded Tri-Nations competition
Argentina will finally see a dream become reality on Saturday, with a match against South Africa in the expanded Tri-Nations competition.

06/02/2017: China
12 missing after ferry sinks in E. China
A ferry has sunk in East China's Anhui Province, leaving a dozen people missing.

06/02/2017: China
Airbase attacked by gunmen in NW Pakistan
It's reported that militants attacked a checkpost of the Kamra Airbase in northwest Pakistan.

06/02/2017: China
Sinopec recycles kictchen waste to engine power
China's largest oil company is planning to produce aviation fuel from used cooking oil.

06/02/2017: China
The selling of Trump's Cabinet
Trump's Cabinet nominations are a textbook example of the wealthy buying their way into politics.

06/02/2017: China
President Trump: a story of love, power and women
President Trump's attitudes towards women represent a step backwards for gender equality and are a reminder of women's ongoing struggle throughout the world.

06/02/2017: China
Trump inaugural brings many fears, few cheers
The world awaits what rhetoric Trump will put into action, with implications for all major nations.

06/02/2017: China
How can China's overseas investment be more successful’
Outbound mergers and acquisitions is a double-edged sword.

06/02/2017: China
One-China policy is nonnegotiable
Trump's pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated that his position is there is no intent to change the principle of one China.

06/02/2017: China
Trump's protectionism has historical precedent
US President Donald Trump has begun to reset the White House trade policies. But the consequences of his "America First" stance could be disastrous.